Borsalino becomes from French townlet Clapiers and lives with us since September 2006. He is our first oriental bicolour and I am veryhappy to have him. He has very nice, friendly temper and needs to comment anything. Borik, how he is called at home, fascinates you by his long, elegant legs, big, long, elegant body and long tail. Streight profile, widely set big ears, green eyes are another his perfections. And I mustn't forget his beautiful colour distribution. Borsalino has already some children - our litter "U" and children in Hungarian cattery Imladris. I have to say that Borik made beautiful children.:-)
Our Borsalino is not only the successful father but he is successful at shows himself too. Several BIS victories in our country and abroad and even two nominations for BIS on World Winner Shows. He enjoys the show, he is simply the showman!
Bori is the only and I would not give him for anything on the world.By the way he would never change his mummy as well.
Colette, thank you very much for him, he is just wonderful!