Narsil*CZ cattery was registerred by FIFe in 2004. Before this date I bred cats in Zodiac*CZ cattery, which belongs to my mother Renata Jägrova.

Siamese and oriental cats grabbed me long time ago when I was a small child, although I grew up among British cats. I saw siamese and oriental cats for the first time on my first cat show. I was approximatelly 5 years old and I was fascinated by them.I liked their temperament and communicativity. Since that time I was decided to get one siamese or oriental cat. It happened in 1997 when I brought ORS f becoming from Denmark - Likita Hokota ("Kira") from the show in Most, CZ. In the same year she got a title The best SIA and ORI kitten of the year 1997 and one year later the best adult SIA and ORI cat in Czech Republic. I thank very much all my friends who helped me to realize mating her by WW 98, 99, 00 EC. Bajangin Apollyonem from Finland. Kira visited Finland twice and gave us beautiful kittens. |Two from them left at home, EC. Ophelie Zodiac*CZ and EP. Octavius Zodiac*CZ. In 2001 I bought ORS n from Happy Eyes*CZ cattery Enigma. In the same year I got EC. Campanula Calibra*CZ, DSM, NFO n 09 24, called "¨apka" from my boyfriend who breeds Norwegian forest cats. She is very nice, friendly, inquisite and communicative cat, also the winner of many shows and the best semilonghair kitten of 2002 in Czech Republic and The Skogkatt Of The Year 2002 in the kitten category.

All our cats are very kid, communicative and friendly.